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By Jennifer Smestad Forewarning : This is deep, it’s vulnerable and quite traumatic, but completely worth the read. Have you ever gone through something so painful that you question if life is even worth the pain? Ever felt like giving up because everything seems so pointless? Been in a season that seems like it’ll never end? Do you question God or hav e you ever wondered where He is in all of it?  As a human, do you ever ask, “Does He hear me or even care? Why does He allow certain things to happen? Why does He answer some prayers but not others?” A final question, does any of this sound familiar? Yeah, me too. I’ve been there, and still am at times. Late last year (2018) I felt like I hit my lowest low. I had every single one of these thoughts and felt every single one of these emotions. I was going through a rough patch between handling a rough breakup, being in a weird and awful slump in my career, and a few other things piled up in my own human drama. Eve

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